Premier League! See Why Arsenal Hired Emery Over Arteta - 3 years ago

Sky Sports pundit, Charlie Nicholas, has said Arsenal are hiring Unai Emery instead of Mikel Arteta, because of his managerial experience. The Gunners will appoint the former Paris Saint-Germain head coach as manager this week. Nicholas believes Emery is less of a risk compared to Arteta for Arsenal, who are looking for a replacement for Arsene Wenger. “Arteta was a risk because of his lack of experience, but what he learned from Pep [Guardiola] in a few seasons is as good as what Emery will have learned at PSG. “It’s the experience that probably helps. Emery will be more natural in making and accepting the big decisions. Arteta would have come in and been a lot more forceful with what he wanted to do. “Emery would come in and say ‘where are we? who’s going out? who’s leaving? what’s our situation in terms of buying?’. “I think he makes a strong case for himself. Style is important to Arsenal, they want to keep the fabric that Wenger did build. “This is a guy who understands the pressure of the situation too. At PSG he won the domestic trophies, it can be taken for granted, but the pressure to win is huge. “It gives him an edge, not a dramatic edge, but every manager is a risk. There is no guarantee Arsenal will challenge for the title or the top four, but Emery’s experience does give you a slight advantage,” he told Sky Sports News.

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