f you have a Twitter account, you would have noticed that Berger to Ajah is trending. Don’t be surprised if you find out that it has nothing to do with any government project but a recent event that happened between a man and two ladies. It all started when a lady identified as Damilola Marcus aka @OmogeDami wrote on how a man identified as Uche Daniel aka @UcheDandyMUFC tried forcing her friend to sleep with him. She made the allegation in response to Uche asking her not to generalize that all men are trash. [quote]Some years back, this man [url=]@UcheDandyMUFC[/url] tried FORCING my friend to have sex with him! This is a member of the “not all” crew. A RAPEY FLY is in my mentions telling me not to generalize. [/quote] Damilola then revealed further that another lady identified as Bimbo Ajao aka @B_moree_ had revealed that she suffered the same fate in the hands of Uche. She made this declaration while speaking to another man who wanted to know what was going on. Bimbo narrated how Uche pressured her into having sex with him even when she did not want to. She said she gave in to Uche’s advances because she did not want to become a victim of rape for the third time. [center][img alt="Here’s why Berger to Ajah is trending on social media"]">[/center] Reacting to the allegations, Uche took to his Twitter page to refute Damilola’s claims writing that it is true he and Bimbo had relations, but things did not exactly happen as she revealed it. He narrated how she agreed to come to his house from Berger on the mainland all the way to Ajah on the Island. This happened sometime between 2016 – 2017. With the aid of screenshots, he explained that he did not in any way try to sleep with Bimbo without her consent and that he quit the relationship because she was different from what he expected. Read his thread below: [quote]First things first…i hate drama so i like to keep my private life private….but when your name gets dragged for no reason…you blur the lines and face the drama you were trying to avoid. — Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) [/quote] [quote]Here are the chats…. [url=][/url] — Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) [/quote] Perhaps in a bid to clarify what happened, Bimbo later came out to write that she did not accuse Uche of rape, only that he forced her to have sex with him and she gave in because she had been raped twice and didn’t want it to happen the third time. Uche then wrote that because he had been falsely accused of assault by Dami, he expects her to apologise to him and if she doesn’t, he may seek legal redress. [quote]Hello [url=]@OmogeDami[/url] , I consider your unsubstantiated allegation to be totally out of place and an assault on my character. As you have failed to advance any proof to support your fabrication, I demand that you withdraw your false claim and tender an apology on this platform… — Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC)[/quote] [quote]…within the next 12hours. Failing which, I will be constrained to explore all legal remedies available to me in the circumstance. Be guided. — Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC)[/quote] Dami, responded that she has told her friend who she claimed was assaulted by Uche not to reveal her identity and she is waiting for Uche to sue her for defamation. Reacting to the response she has been getting about the case, Dami wrote that “The average Nigerian male is very stupid, lacks basic comprehension & is emotionally unintelligent.” She ended with “Come and beat me.” [quote]Good morning! You people are so desperate to not believe victims, you’ll cling on to anything. Those screen shots reveal nothing. NOTHING. “Receipts” lol. The average Nigerian male is very stupid, lacks basic comprehension & is emotionally unintelligent. Come and beat me.[/quote]

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