Mayorkun Reacts To Report About Violence & Sex At His Ibadan Concert - 3 years ago

Gidicloud news reported yesterday that [b]Mayorkun‘s[/b] Ibadan concert was marred with cases of violence and reckless sex. The story has forced the singer to made a reaction on Twitter. Mayorkun held a concert in Ibadan over the weekend. The concert gathered a mass of Ibadan music loving residents at the Palms City Mall to enjoy the performances of artistes like [b]Davido, Dremo[/b] and [b]Terri[/b] of Starboy. Upon the conclusion of the event, an online news outlet reported that the concert was flawed with violent incidents, one of which caused a journalist to be hospitalized. It was also reported that sexual activities took place while the show was going. [b]Read Also: Violence & Reckless Sex Mars Mayorkun’s Ibadan Concert?[/b] Mayorkun has however reacted to the news, saying that the venue of the event was overcrowded and that the reports about reckless sex came from the condoms that littered the ground where the event was held. He stated that the condoms came from people who participated in a sex awareness program which was held at the venue, but before his concert.

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