Some Chibok Girls Refused To Leave Their Boko Haram Husband – Negotiator Reveals - 4 years ago

Zannah Mustapha the Legal Practioner and mediator between the Nigerian government and the Boko Haram sect has revealed the reason behind the 82 Chibok girls released by the sect to the government last week. 82 out of about 195 still in captivity returned home after an intense negotiation with the men of the sect that involved releasing some of the detained suspects in exchange for the girls. Mustapha however revealed that only 83 were released because many of the girls refused to leave the forest where they have been housed for years. Many of the girls are married with children and according to the negotiator, they would rather remain with their children and husbands than return to a life they have totally forgotten. Some of the girls on the other hand have become totally brainwashed, seeing their new life as the perfect way of life and according to reports, they even feel too powerful to return to their old forgotten lives. The last set of girls who refused yo return were said to be scared of what the future holds for them. Meanwhile, the new set of returnees have been warmly accepted by the government which has already embarked in ensuring they live a perfect life after medical evaluations and care sponsored by the government.

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