“Iyanya Never Liked Tekno” – Ubi Franklin Shares His Side Of The Story - 3 years ago

The Iyanya versus Ubi Franklin saga has taken a yet a new turn as Ubi granted an interview with Cool FM to address the allegations directed at him by the “Kukere” singer. Ubi who was at the interview with loads of documents to back up his claims said everything accused of him by Iyanya is false. Iyanya in an interview with Daddy Freeze revealed that Ubi Franklin did not include his name as a co-owner of MMMG (TripleMG) in the first document of the company but instead replaced it with that of his (Ubi’s) brother’s name. Responding to that side of the allegation by Iyanya, Ubi said, “Iyanya was not part of it, he said he wanted to focus on the music.” He also revealed that though Iyanya’s name was not there, the document was re-drafted after six months which now include his name; he said, “In September, we went back to CAC to rectify the documents,I put my brothers names initially on the contract because Iyanya didn’t want to sign and the document can’t have only me on it. After the second CAC document was ready, we signed a Joint Venture document stating that every money that the company makes, we will share 5/5.” During his interview with Daddy Freeze, Iyanya said after Tekno was signed to MMMG, the only money he was given by Ubi as dividend from Tekno’s revenue was #145, throughout his time at the label. Ubi addressed that too, “Iyanya never spent a dime to promote Tekno. When ‘Duro’ came out and did well, I had bills to clear. In 216, Tekno had started making money and Iyanya said why is he not making money from Tekno. I said don’t f**k with me… You are supposed to apologize to me for not putting money in Tekno’s career. Before we started making money I transferred Tekno’s management to another company, Paulo of Upfront.” He also added that Iyanya even after not investing on Tekno, Iyanya still got more than 145k he claimed he got. “When someone says I have made N3M and we all run expenses and Tekno had shot three videos. If you take Tekno’s percentage and give to Iyanya how much will be left? Everything Tekno made afterwards, Iyanya also made 5%. Yes, there is a N3M… Paul of Upfront paid that money. The money was paid for a car for Iyanya. What we have always done with Paul was when we don’t have money to pay for something, Paul will pay and later collect the money,” he said. Iyanya in the interview with Freeze, said also that he left his shares from MMMG with Ubi and left the company unlike what Ubi claimed in an Instagram post that Iyanya sold his shares and left. “I was in America… something happened why Iyanya left. I dropped my son in America with his mum. I got a call from Iyanya to meet him in another state. He said I want to leave Made Men Music, I’m tired. There was a fight that involved him and Tekno that I made Tekno not to respect him.” Ubi also addressed the forgery allegation that Iyanya directed towards him as well as the accusation that he verbally assaults his business colleagues and also on Iyanya relinquishing his shares. He had this to say, “He said the percentage that he usually takes from endorsements when he was still with the record label was going to be increased and mine will be reduced. When his endorsement was renewed, Paulo told me to give him all the money which I did. ‘I have never forged anybody’s signature. I was sent to school to read law and I know the legal implications of forgery and I will never do that.”

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