BURSTED!! Facebook Celebrity, Isong Idaresit, Living A Fake Life Exposed By Her Friends - 4 years ago

Her Facebook name is Isong Idaresit and she calls her the ‘Baroness”. She’s known by many Facebook users, and can thus has that “Facebook Celebrity” tag on her. Her alleged fake life was busted and brought to social media by her friends, who alleged they’ve reportedly warned her before now to stop living a fake life, or see them “wash her” in public. To many on Facebook, she’s married with kids and also lives in the U.K, while to some her husband is the “CEO” of beard gang living in Lekki/Ikoyi area of Lagos with her. To some too, she’s lawyer, a banker, who posts some nice delicacies on her timeline on Facebook. However, according to her friends on the call-out post Amanda Chsiom who is a blogger and entrepreneur made, she lives in Alagbado area of Lagos, and is as single as “a Pentecostal church pulpit”. They also alleged that she steals and was even beaten in a shop few days back. Read the gist from her friends below; Image may contain: 1 person

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