41-year old mum suffocates her 17-month-old toddler to death by holding a cleaning wipe over his nose and mouth - 2 years ago

Heather Reynolds, a 41-year old mother is alleged to have suffocated her 17-month-old toddler by holding a cleaning wipe over his nose and mouth because he was getting in the way of her affair. Reynolds who also struggles with addiction to crystal meth, sobbed as her lawyer denied charges of murdering and endangering her son, Axel. She was remanded in custody at Camden County superior court, New Jersey, pending trial, and could face a life sentence in prison. 'This is an absolutely brutal murder and a helpless victim,' assistant prosecutor Peter Gallagher said. He also asserted it would required 'commitment' to carry out the killing because of the time it would take. Her attorney Michael Testa said: 'She adamantly denies that she has anything to do with the death of her child'. Medical Examiner Gerald Feigin ruled the death a homicide by asphyxia on June 7th after traces of a substance used in detergents and antithseptics was found in the boy's body. Mrs Reynolds was indicted by a grand jury on June 13 after hearing evidence. Her husband, Joseph, who died in November last year, was away for work when Axel died.

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