Akah Nnani, Sharon Ojong, and other COZA members demand a reply from Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo after he was accused of raping a minor twice - 2 years ago

While Wale Jana of Sapphire perfumes is defending Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, other COZA church members like Akah Nnani and Sharo Ojong are demanding a reply from their pastor while promising not to remain silent this time. This isn't the first time Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo is being accused of sexual misconduct. Ese Walters accused him years ago and he promised to give a "robust reply" which never came. His members stood by him after the accusations. Now Busola Dakolo is accusing him of raping her twice when she was a minor and members are demanding a reply. Media personality, Akah Nnani, who is very close to Pastor Biodun and is a member of his church, took to Instagram to demamd an explanation from the flamboyant pastor. Fashion consultant, Sharon Ojong, also a member of COZA, demanded a reply from her pastor. Akah wrote: [quote] I woke up to several missed calls, and text messages. My friends know my relationship with @cozaglobal. Let me say this. COZA is my church. I love my pastor... But rape, is a serious issue. My stomach churns as I write this. I spoke with @timidakolo a week ago and tried to understand why he had taken a stance against my pastor. I had just come back from honeymoon when all my friends sent me his attacks to my pastor a few weeks ago. I sought to understand, not to attack. I was under so much turmoil too because this is my church, my pastor, and I cannot go around like nothing is happening and the church isn't addressing anything or re-assuring the members. We must not see evil and cover it. We must not see evil and turn the other way. You all know me. I attack and speak out against corrupt political leaders everytime. Well, this has hit home. Our leaders and our fathers must be held accountable. And they must deem us worthy to be answerable to. If we cannot clean in the church, forget it. We cannot clean the country. I am tired of hearing so much, so much rubbish about my church and leadership over the years especially cos of the industry I belong to, nothing passes our ears behind the scene. My pastor @biodunfatoyinbo has to say something this time. If the rest of the church does not need it, I need it. For my sake, sir... Speak on this. I stand with @busoladakolo as she has spoken her truth. I stand with the body of christ also. I ask that my pastor come out and speak his own truth. I am praying for the church. Please let us pray for both the Dakolo and the Fatoyinbo families. (wife and kids). In the end, if we need to, let us scatter the place... Then the truth will stand up. [/quote] Akah added: "I feel sick in my stomach." Commenting on Akah's post, Sharon Ojong wrote: "Yes Akah! Yes Pastor @biodunfatoyinbo for our sakes, speak your own truth. No robust answers. As a member of COZA and a victim of pastors molestation, please make us understand." Media personalities and celebrities, who are aware of the close relationship between Aka and Pastor Fatoyinbo praised Akah for speaking up. See below.

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