Cee C, one of the ambassadors for Wale Jana's brand, indirectly condemns him for criticizing Busola Dakolo - 2 years ago

BBNaija's Cee C has joined other Nigerians in criticizing business executive Wale Jana, even though she is one of his brand ambassadors. Wale Jana, the CEO of Sapphire Scents, defended Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo in the wake of an explosive interview by Busola Dakolo where she said she was raped twice when she was a minor by the COZA pastor. Wale accused Busola and her husband Timi Dakolo of being pawns in a conspiracy against Pastor Fatoyinbo. He went on to shame Timi and Busola for having their first two kids before getting married. Following his controversial statement, web users waited to see how his brand ambassadors, Tonto Dikeh, Teddy A, and Cee C would react. Some even went as far as tagging all three personalities. But only Cee C has reacted, though she did so indirectly. Sharing a photo of a man covering a woman's mouth with his hand, Cee C wrote: [quote] "Every human has a right to tell their story. I will not stand around and watch anyone try to silence a woman for speaking their truth. We live in a society where women suffer abuse daily and are too afraid to speak, for fear of condemnation. Any woman finding the courage to speak is nothing short of bravery in my eyes and nobody has a right to try to silence or discredit them. I understand my stance may bring about certain consequences but it is important to me to make it known that I don’t support shaming or discrediting a woman for her truth ."[/quote]

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