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GC Posted On: Jun 28, 2019

Author, Odega Shawa has called out Reno Omokri for poking holes in Busola Dakolo's story after she claimed she was raped and disvirgined by COZA Pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo when she was a minor.

Reno said that though he isn't a supporter of Pastor Fatoyinbo, he doesn't believe Busola's story. He went on to give reasons (read here).

But Odega Shawa was disappointed by Reno's reply and he penned an open letter to him. In the letter, he told the former presidential aide that if his brain was working, he would have reached out to Pastor Fatoyinbo first to ask for an explanation before rubbishing Busola's claims.

His letter reads:


Dear Reno Omokri,

Osheey! Triple tuale!

Thank you very much.

Mr Too Much Sense.

Mr Logician.

Mr Perfect Reasoner.

You have dissected Busola Dakoro's story and came to the conclusion that her story, as we say in Nigeria, get comma. Her story should not be valid, because according to you, it cannot be valid.

Mr FBI Forensics dissecter of rape cases involving randy pastors and 16 year old girls.

It is because of rape enablers and victim bashers like you that the rape culture in Nigeria is not shaking, nor do closet rapists and sex perverts find anything to fear.

Like other shocked Nigerians I read that nauseating so called reaction where you were blaming a 16 year old girl for falling under the sinister influence of a, according to you, in your own words, 'sleek' operator. Why didn't you come outright and blame her for being raped. Oh, well, you sort of did, didnt you? In your pathetic attempt to discredit a 16 year old victim of rape by a pastor who was supposed to be in charge of her spiritual growth, a pastor with now multiple allegations of rape from different women, you have resorted to bashing 'Nigerians' for their inept ability to believe anything they hear. It is now an in thing to bash Nigerians over the head for being the worst of this or the worst of that. And you of course are not like these Nigerians. You are a saint with your complete brain working.

But if your brain was completely working you would realize what it takes from a woman to go public with a story of rape. If your brain was working, as you exempted yourself so sanctimoniously from the rest of us that our brains are not working, you would have calculated the psychological toll it takes from a woman, or anybody for that matter, to go out to the world and declare that they have been violated.

Dear Reno, if your brain was working you woukd even have called or reached the pastor for his own side of the story before you start running your mouth against a happily married woman who finally found the profound inner courage it takes to tell a difficult and heavy story. She is married now, with her own children. She has daughters now too. For her daughters, this could be the greatest power their mother could speak to their lives.

But your working brain did not calculate any of this, did it? You were more interested in the blow by blow account of the rape, as if anybody with a REAL functioning brain will accept the story of a so called man of God with a string of different women accusing him of the same thing over that of a mother with eyes on her daughters. Trying to make sure nothing like what she went through ever comes near them.

You have daughter(s) too, don't you, Mr Reno? They will be 16 at some point, won't they? Mr Crime scene investigator extraordinaire. My only prayer for you is that God keep your daughter(s) as far away from pastors like the one you are enabling as possible, amen. As a father it is inconceivable how you failed completely to factor in how impressionable a 16 year old could be in the presence of an overbearing influence in that so called reaction of yours.

It is a pity that you have the kind of power of reach you do have and all you could do with it is bash the victim of rape.

And all you tell us is that you also do not like him. You better like him o. Because i don't see the difference it makes whether you like or don't like him when you have refused to see the obvious.

And to every victim of rape out there, pls. It doesn't matter how long it happened in the past. It does not matter whether it would sound believable to functioning brain forensics masters, or not. Pls always find the courage to stand and tell your story. All of us cannot be mad together at the same time. There would always be someone who would listen to you, who would hear your story, who would connect with your pain. You are the hero, not the rapists and their functioning brain subtle enablers.

There are women who lie about rape. They say it happened when it did not. Yes. If you have ever suffered rape never let silly and misguided women like that stop you from standing up to tell your own story. All rape stories are not the same. Your own should be heard, no matter what, to the end that the rapists should start shaking when the word is mentioned.

Thank you, Busola Dakolo, for telling your story.

I stand with you.

Odega Shawa

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