Photos Shameless Man Beats Up His Girlfriend In Broad Daylight In Front Of Their Young Son - 4 years ago

A man has been arrested after he beat up his girlfriend in broad daylight in front of their young son. The father claimed the mother of his child left without a trace for six months leaving their five-year-old boy behind. The woman, from Shenzhen City in South China’s Guangdong Province, did not say where she had gone, but the dad claimed she refused to return home and even refused to meet when asked. The man managed to convince his former partner to meet their son, he became angry. Mobile phone footage taken by a passer-by shows the dad attacking the woman by grabbing onto her hair and kicking her. Shockingly, the little boy is left to watch the violence from up close, and the dad does not stop the beating despite being surrounded by a policeman and a security guard. The mum eventually hides behind the cop and the dad is restrained by passers-by, who urged him to think about his boy. The woman was taken to hospital and the man has been arrested for the violence; however, with him being the guardian of his little boy, he is unlikely to receive jail time.

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