Angela Okorie threatens to arrest people peddling fake stories of her attack - 2 years ago

Angela Okorie threatens trolls that have been writing different defaming stories about her and the attack on her. She too to her Instagram page to warn peddlers of fake account of the attack she suffered from yet to be identified persons last weekend, to desist from it. Read her post below So the story would have been “ANGELA OKORIE died after putting a smile on the face of her fans after performing at the infinixnigeria show on 12/12/2019 (Godforbid I Reject it in Jesus name ) They are angry I survived it hmmmmm Ok ooooo some people made a video Saying I was lying, that it was framed up Even as video was shown how the pellets Was removed , they still insist I was lying Listen y’all I am not here to banter words with any1 But to warn those of you carrying fake news About Angela Okorie Anti kidnapping squad is on this case And they are picking up.anybody that is involved or take up fake news about this incident fake bloggers Fake accounts continue , open more fake accounts, just know you can’t hide for too long, Who ever that comes out to say contrary to what happened to me should provide us with their evidence , else you will go in for it. It simply shows you know the way about of the criminals, and you must provide them or you go in for it. All I need now is your support and prayers Not mockery Be warned!!!!!!!!! Be warned!!!!!!!!

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