Common Vocabulary Mistakes That We Make And Their Corrections. - 4 years ago

Hi guys, As a Nigerian i can’t help but notice how we tend to overlook nuances in our vocabulary. Today i will be discussing the differences between Sight, Site and Cite. As you would have noticed, the aforementioned words are homophones. 1. Sight: This directly refers to the ability to a person to see as a verb (action) e.g tell me when you sight seun. As a noun, it means the power/ faculty of seeing e.g a snake’s sight is poor in dim light. 2. Site: A site is a geographical location/ point of the earth e.g the proposed site of an airport. 3. Cite: to quote or mention a book/ journal/ document (especially an authority on a subject) to support an argument or a theory e.g he cited the work of Albert Einstein to support his claim Now that we know the differences and contexts within which such words should be used, can we go into the world and educate others? Thanks for your time, kindly comment below the article if you found it helpful.

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