Sources Reveal What Actually Happened To Some Of The Chibok Girls That Did Not Return - 4 years ago

Some of the abducted Chibok girls have been married off to Boko Haram commanders immediately after they were kidnapped. Vanguard reports that according to sources, some of the girls were radicalised by the terrorists and have become their wives. This information is coming shortly after the release of 82 girls in exchange for Boko Haram commanders. Hosea Tsambido who is the chairman of the Chibok community in Abuja said some of the girls have been confirmed although only one had made contact with her parent. He said: “As for me, the list I have matches with the names of the released girls. In fact, almost all of them, because, the list that I have is not complete, so some have not appeared on it but I am sure that when I get the remaining part of the list, the names of others would be there. “Only nine of the names out of the 82 are not on my list, which, of course, is the original list written by hand, by the parents when they came to give details of their missing daughters. “However, there were other parents that came later on, and that is why the other nine names are not on my list.” “Like you reported earlier, only one person has been able to establish contact with her daughter and the man is in Lagos. There is the issue of communication infrastructure. The ones (parents) in the village, no contact yet. “What is on ground now is that the Federal Government has sent the pictures of the girls home so that people can identify their daughters; perhaps, there would be a set time, when government would invite such parents who are able to identify their daughters. That is what we are waiting for.” The BBOG however expressed disappointment in the way the presidency handled the return of the girls which it described as cold reception. Aisha Yesufu who is the leader of the group said the return of 21 girls earlier was well handled compared to now. “It is taking too long to get the reunification and authentication done. The last time 21 were brought in, it was the vice president that was in charge and the way they went about it is quite different from now. “Rescue of the Chibok girls is not a privilege but a right. First, we failed them and they were abducted. We must now ensure their rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration and also ensure that they go back to school because if we don’t send them back to school, then the terrorists would have won because it is their intention to see the girls out of school.”

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