3 Powerful Reasons Controversial ‘Will Coordinate’ Clause Was Inserted Into Buhari’s Letter Revealed - 4 years ago

Sahara Reporters is reporting that Abba Kyari, President Muhammadu Buhari’s chief of staff is the architect of the president’s controversial letter to the National Assembly. The letter which has generated a lot of controversies was the constitutionally required letter expected from the president to intimate the lawmakers of his medical trip abroad. However, in the letter, the president informed legislators that vice president Yemi Osinbajo was to be the “coordinator” of government activities during his medical trip to London. the phrasing of the letter was a sharp distraction from the president’s previous letters to the Senate. According to Sahara Reporters, high-ranking sources at the Presidency confirmed that the decision to use the phrase, “the vice president will coordinate the activities of the Government,” instead of expressing what the Constitution stipulates, that the Vice President becomes “Acting President” with the transmission of the letter, was done by the chief of staff. In the previous letters, the VP was expressly named Acting President. Here are 3 reasons why the chief of staff allegedly inserted the clause: 1. Fear of the influence of ministers, vice president and other political bigwigs over President Buhari One source told the news platform that the chief of staff’s reason for inserting the clause to the letter was a mystery to him but another source insisted Abba Kyari had always seen some influential members of the Buhari administration, including the Vice President as his rivals. 2. The chief of staff wants to retain power and influence in the absence of the president Another source told Sahara Reporters that the chief of staff”s main goal in using the “coordinator” tag in the president’s letter to the National Assembly was basically to retain significant command and power around his office and person even at the absence of the president. 3. Annoyed at the public praise of vice president Osinbajo by the president for the way he ran the country Another source also claimed that Mr. Kyari was not happy with the president’s public praise of vice president Osinbajo for the way he ran the country during the president’s absence. “He was so furious in January when the President was away for 50 days because all the Ministers whose access to Mr. President he had tried to curtail started getting approvals and access with the Acting President very promptly,” the source said. The Kano state senator insisted that Professor Osinbajo is the acting president since the constitution has provided room for the scenario that played out.

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