Twitter Users Attacks EFCC Over Raid Of Club 360, Arrest Of 89 Suspects - one year ago

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has come under attack over the arrest of 89 suspected internet fraudsters at the Club 360. NAIJALOADED reported that EFCC Ibadan zonal office arrested 89 suspected internet fraudsters at the Club 360 located on Akala Expressway, Oluyole Extension in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital. The agency during the raid, confiscated scores of vehicles, laptops, sophisticated phones, and other items. The action of the anti-graft agency has led to a backlash from Nigerians on social media as some condemned the raid. @Ogbenidipo “Less than 6 months ago, the FBI arrested 80 Diaspora Yahoo Yahoo Boys. They already had evidence to nail every single one of them before making any arrest. EFCC can do better. You just can’t go around raiding clubhouses and arresting every single person in sight. It is wrong! @Animasaun_a “Anytime I’m in Ibadan, I always go to this spot to hang out cos it’s very close to my parents’ house. Had it been I was in IB over the weekend I would have been part of these guys and I’m not a yahoo boy. You have also killed someone’s business, EFCC this is so wrong.” @Ironnia2 “Only a fool will believe this 89 Yahoo boys. You all are a joke. What were they all doing in the club at once? Abi they were hosting Yahoo Boys PTA meeting? Rubbish! @AyodeleDaramola “In a nutshell, Nigerians stop going to nightclub abi? SARS will invade NIGHTCLUB, Police will invade NIGHTCLUB, EFCC invades NIGHTCLUB. Do our security services know the meaning of intelligence? @ArcSamuel “Dear EFCC, Thank for carrying out your duties, but please note that there are some among those arrested who are just nightcrawlers, kindly and thoroughly separate the chaff from the wheat so all will not suffer.” @Fin_disu “EFCC just wants to give a pretense that your working to justify that they’re working. How is this any sort of evidence? @O_Parta “This is really shameful you move around clubhouses to arrest people randomly and next thing you tag them fraudsters so your telling us 89fraudsters went to one club in just one night? so now your profile and tag people fraudsters just because they go to the club.” @G_diets “See my anger at EFCC you have just branded all of them Yahoo boys. So 89 boys packed themselves into a nightclub for what actually…EFCC talk another thing.” @FestusGreen “You go about harassing people and labeling them as Yahoo boys without a single piece of evidence. God will p*nish all of you. Your salaries will be used for hospital bills, emergency burials, and court wahala.” @Evansted101 “Lmao “89 Yahoo Boys” in one club, same day same time. shey na seminar dem go for? You can’t just arrest someone because of Phones, Laptops, and Vehicles you saw them with.. the fact you people arrested 89 guys shows there was no proper investigation. Y’all just packed everyone.” @Towsynofficial “We cry for change, a better Naija but we frown at EFCC doing the job. Please read carefully, no one has tagged yahoo or internet fraudster here. The tag used is “suspected internet fraudsters”.

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