2Face Is Bribing All Media Houses…I Taught Him All He Knows – Blackface Fires Again - 4 years ago

2Face Is Bribing All Media Houses…I Taught Him All He Knows, Blackface Fires at former Plantashun Boyz bandmate. The feud between Blackface and 2Face now 2Baba gets messier without any hope settlement. Blackface has once again fired shots at 2Face and called him names in his new interview with NET NG. On 2face stealing his song, Blackface said: Efe Omorogbe claims to be a writer in that song. How can Omorogbe say he wrote my song when I was in Plantashun Boiz. Where did Efe Omorogbe come from? Where was he when I started my career? On why it is taking him so long to take legal actions against 2face: The court has already served him the documents. You should be at the court hearing in a few weeks don’t worry. On being jealous of 2face: Why would I be jealous of 2Face? I have made so many artistes famous, for instance, I made Roc Steady and Mallam Spicy famous, they are making money and are famous, so why would I be jealous. I have worked with people like Weird MC as well. So what are they saying? At that time, only 2Face knew my song, if he wanted to use my song, he should have just said, I want to record the song, and when he went on TV and was asked about me, he said he doesn’t want to talk about Blackface because he has something to hide. They are trying to seek public sympathy by posting the letter online. Blackface says he doesn’t see any reason why the interview should be posted online. This is what I have been saying but all they are just trying to do is hide it, and then they are trying to seek public sympathy by posting a letter which they are meant to show in court in the papers, you are posting it on social media, but I don’t care and I know that people are going to say shit about me but I don’t care. 2Face and his people are paying media owners to sabotage him They pay those creepy agents to write shit about me, If I have a war with 2face, It should not affect people on radio playing my music, because when I put out my last video, I went to promote it on radio but when I was having the interview, they came and disrupted the interview because they had gone round to copy my video (where they featured Phyno), yes they copied my concept. They also went round during their tour and were telling people not to play my music, that is why they call themselves bad sharp guy or very good bad guys, tell them I said they are not sharp enough, they don’t know nothing yet. 2Face has bought the media over 2Face has not bought you guys over but he may have bought your boss over. I don’t care because I know most of you media Personalities are creepy agents. Especially people that work on the radio. You guys should be asking 2Face and Efe if I gave them the right to call my song his own, but unfortunately, 2Face took my song and his manager decided that they should put his name on the song as the writer. And when I confronted them about it, they put up a story saying my account was hacked. On teaching 2Face how to make music. I taught him how to make a whole lot of music because when I met him, nobody knew who he was, so I taught him what he had to do, but I never envisaged that he will turn out to be a backstabber. I’ve struggled with him longer than his manager. Only for him to use his manager against me? But when he doesn’t know who this guy is, or know who taught him how to make music, then it says a lot. He hopes the judiciary will take necessary actions Where I am from, we don’t measure the love we give out, but if 2Face thinks he is too smart or he is a bad sharp guy, you can take someone’s music and nobody will do anything, but we are in Nigeria, let us see if the judiciary will uphold the law

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