" We Will Bomb Abuja ": Boko Haram Commanders Released In Swap Deal For 82 Chibok Girls Released New Video - 4 years ago

Ahmad Salkida, a top Nigerian journalist, says Abubakar Shekau has released a new video on the 82 Chibok girls that were recently swapped with his commanders. The new video Shuaibu Moni, one of the swapped Boko Haram commanders was seen issuing threats to Nigerian authorities and President Muhammadu Buhari. Salkida in a series of tweets on Friday, May 12, said the commander, in the video, declared that it is not true that only 5 commanders were released, warning of imminent bombing of Abuja. According to negtiator of the swap deal, the outcome should be seen as “a favourable bargain,” considering what obtained in other climes when it comes to prisoner swap of innocent citizens with suspected terrorists. [b]Watch Video Beneath:[/b] [youtube]hjrGP33dd0w[/youtube]

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