A MUST READ! My Bitter Experience Doing A Security Guard Job - one year ago

This my thread is just mainly for single men and guys outside there and I would like to share my experience with you guys on what I have undergone and experienced as a Security guard. To be a security guard is not a job I can advise my enemy to opt for let alone my friend or relation. The job is a regardless one and very disgusting. As a security guard, you are more or less a beggar in the street, should I say beggar has a little regard more than you. When people see you, they see nothing in you. Most especially when you’re trying to speak to them in English making them to know that you’re educated…(laugh..) You just did it wrong, to them it means you are having mental problem. The image impression of 98% of people on guys who do this job to hustle for their lives rather than involving in criminal practices is that they have no future; is that they cannot make it in their lives; e.t.c. Since I’ve started this job when I finished my program in the polytechnic, any lady I made to know about the job I do turns me off later, some said it’s a beggars’ work. And currently, I hardly have female friends not to talk of girlfriends or marriage. Though, I didn’t mean to start this job before if not condition, but now I’m planning to quit the job and find another. Sometimes, I cried in my room, begging God to show me another way. One of the workers in the place of work that I’m guiding once told me that his dog is better off than me. This is even the person that cannot even compose simple correct English, he said his dog is better than me.

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