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GC Posted On: May 30, 2020

Nigerian music sensation has revealed that he has just acquired a new mansion in Banana Island.
Earlier today, the hit singer took his 30BG on a tour of his new home.

Beyond the pictures, here are 5 things to know about Davido’s new multi-million Naira mansion.

1. It is located in the most expensive place in Nigeria – Davido’s new mansion is located in Banana Island which is regarded as the most expensive place to live in Nigeria according to Forbes.

It is an estate for billionaires. The idea of Banana Island was conceived by late Chief Adebayo Adeleke who is Davido’s grandfather.

2. It has a private lift – According to the videos shared by Davido, his new mansion boasts of its own private lift which is a sure sign that this building will feature more state of the art facilities.

3. It hasn’t been fully furnished – A quick tour in the house shows it hasn’t been fully furnished for Davido and his young family to move in. It might take a few weeks or a month to get the mansion fully furnished.

4. 30 BG Fans Might Have A Hard Time To Visit Davido – 30 BG fans are known to storm Davido’s Lekki house when he is in the country. Tens of people stay outside his mansion to get a glimpse of the star. When Davido moves to Banana Island it would be hard for these die-hard fans to access Davido’s new home because Banana Island is one of the most exclusive places in the world and hard to access if you are not a resident.

5. Exclusive to Davido and his family – While Davido’s Lekki mansion is free for 30 BG members to enter, this mansion might be just be for Davido, Chioma and their child. As Davido gets close to officially marrying Chioma, he will need a new abode that is only for them and not his crew members.

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