Three Rare University Courses In Nigeria That Can Give One A Multimillionaire - 8 months ago

Three courses that are very scarce in Nigerian university, but they have the potential of giving one a multimillionaire career. These courses are:- (1) Aeronautics Engineering/Pilot Many scholars lack the information that this course are offered in some Nigerian universities like covenant university, FUTA, university of ilorin, kwara, international aviation school etc. Having a degree in this course means a lot to one’s career as they are one of the high paying professions. (2) Petrochemical Engineering A degree in this course gives one a chance to work in an Oil company but not many university offer this course in Nigeria. If one can give all it takes to study this course, a millionaire career is very visible. Some universities like Niger delta university, rivers state uni have this course. (3) Meteorology Many people have dreams of studying and forecasting weather. Although it is a rare course yet it can be studied in Nigeria. Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA) is a nice place to study this career-boosting course.

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