BBNaija! Why Boycotting/Stopping Big Brother Naija TV Show Should Be Taken Serious! - one year ago

Why Boycotting/Stopping Big Brother Naija TV Show Should Be Taken Serious.(The Enslavement, Endangerment of Nigerians Lives & Human Right Abuse). This present generation may not have a better advise or story to tell the next generation to come. There is nothing good to write about us. In a devastated time as this in a sane society, BNaija Reality Show(season 5) shouldn’t have aired. BBNaija Reality Show Amidst Covid19 Pandemic?😪 And the Nigerian government allowed it! This alone tells how incompetent and careless the present government is. Bunch of lazy old men, always busy doing nothing than to get loan from China and share among themselves.😏 In as much as BBNAIJA is not the problem of this country or the reason why Nigeria is so backward with heartless and careless leaders, I’m completely against it at this time. Is Nigeria this lawless? God! The whole world is bleeding and all Nigerians could do, is to engage in a Pornographic Reality Show.🤦 NBC is a very useless and unprofessional agency to had allowed the show to air in the first place. They’re so incompetent just as EFCC, NNPC, NDDC, NIPOST, NEPA, APC, PDP, and the rest. The question now is,👇 What Exactly Is Big Brother Naija All About? A reality show that encourages two adults to have s£x openly on national TV? And get paid at the end of the day? What moral values is Big Brother Naija impacting into the lives of the viewers? I heard that the Big Brother Naija season 5 house cost approximately ₦2.5 BILLION to build.🙆 According to Reno’s analysis, The ₦2.5 billion could have empowered 1000 youths with seed capital of ₦2.5 million to start a business. But who needs business in Nigeria when you can look at big buttocks. Our economy is in recession because of #COVID19, and this is what we invest in. And you wonder why Nigeria is the world headquarters for extreme poverty? As a nation, we do not have a scheme to fund young entrepreneurs. Yet, we can fund young slay queens to have public romps with young studs for the delight of our youths. No wonder our population is the only thing that is growing in Nigeria. Reno is right though but I don’t totally agree with him on this. As long as it isn’t the government that built the house, I don’t have any problems with the cost of the building. To me, BBNAIJA is Business, Investments and Return to the show owners. The problem is the insensitivity, greed and carelessness of the organizers. The image of our dear country should be our concern. Recently, I heard that the Show organizers allegedly transports the video clips including the Housemates Shower Hours coverages to Asian countries P0rn industries and earn millions of dollars for themselves, then give the winner 30 or 85 million naira only. Did you know there’s BbNaija VIP Subscription? On that plan you can watch the housemates shower hours. Did you know that Tacha past BbNaija ex-housemate, refused to bath naked throughout the show? Why because she knew that BbNaija organizers are up to something! How could you install cameras in bathroom and toilets? For that reason Tacha refuses to bathe naked all through her stays in that house. Those of you her fans can ask Tacha about this. I haven’t added the registration fees. The auditions fees of millions of applicants that only 20 people from Rich Families were chosen. Yes almost all the BbNaija housemates are from Rich Families! WHY? The Nigerian government need to look deep into this. By the way, why is Nigeria always the final end point of every left over activities in Africa and the world at large. Anything and everything bad is always welcomed and promoted here in Nigeria. Nawao! Tufiakwa! Well, ladies and gentlemen, I’m signing out here. But I don’t wanna be the court, the case and the judge all alone. So I will like to hear from you too!

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