Please Help! I Don’t Cum During S*X (What Should I Do?) - one year ago

I used to be chronic masturbator many years before I started having regular sex and I’ve never ejaculated in the process in my entire life. As I only ejaculate through masturbation or rough handjob. I would pull out after an hour due to frustration and the girl would feel bad like she’s not good enough and I pretend to have ejaculated at times. I lost a lot of relationships due to it and the latest one happened last week this is the most painful one. She is the only girl that loves the fact that I don’t ejaculate and after pleading and several investigations she told me that her friend told her that I won’t be able to give birth if the relationship leads to marriage. She must have been telling her friends about our sex life even though I warned her against doing so. I’m in pain right now please I need help.

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