Tragedy As House Collapses On A Sleeping Man After Heavy Rainfall (Photos) - 4 years ago

Mthembu’s uncle, Bafana Mthembu, 55, said he was sleeping on the other side of the house when he heard a loud bang. Then, it all went quiet. “Nhlanhla was sleeping alone in his room and after I heard the loud bang, I walked to his side of the house to check what was happening. I saw the wall on the floor and his bed was flattened. He didn’t make a noise or cry for help when the wall collapsed. My sister’s child died a very painful death and this could have been avoided had the previous councillor heeded our call for help with an RDP house. “We stayed here because we have nowhere else to go and we are all unemployed,” Mthembu said. Having called the neighbours for help, Nhlanhla’s lifeless body was removed from under the wall and taken to a government mortuary. “We were nine in this house: my sisters and five children aged between six and 18 years. “We have now received accommodation from different relatives because no one can continue living within these walls as they are unstable. “There are many more houses like this in this area, but there are people who have RDP houses who don’t deserve them. “Our councillor has promised to visit and tell us what assistance is available for us,” he said. Another resident said her wall collapsed last year, but no one was injured. Bad weather had also been the cause, she said.

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