#EndSARS Protesters Hold Jumaat Prayers On The Road - 12 months ago

#EndSARS protesters in Lagos on Friday continued their protests across the city, demanding justice for all victims of police brutality and killings. While they continue to press for their demands to be met, the protest took another twist as the Muslim youths observed their Jumaat prayers on the road. Popular comedian, Macaroni took to his Twitter page to share the video of the Muslims praying on the road. The prayer took place at the House of Assembly Drive, Alausa. Watch the video below: We are all one!! Irrespective of religion or tribe!! We are all one!! There should be no division!! Love must lead!! We are all Nigerian Youths and all we want is a better Nigeria!!! Together we shall overcome!!! #EndSARS pic.twitter.com/2XdswjJveo — DeboMacaroni (@mrmacaronii) October 16, 2020

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