BREAKING!!! Trump In Trouble As Biden Takes Pennsylvania - 11 months ago

Former vice-president Joe Biden is now at the verge of winning the US Presidency, as he has now taken the lead in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania State. Biden seized control today, when counting of mailed ballots resumed. Trump held an overnight lead with 3,285,965 votes to Biden’s 3,267,923 votes. The picture as expected has changed. Biden is now holding 3,295,319 votes, against Trump’s 3,289,725 votes. Pennsylvania has 20 electoral college votes. Biden already has 264 electoral college votes, with Arizona added. Without Arizona’s 11 votes, the 253 votes already in the kitty, along with Pennsylvania’s 20 votes, will give Biden 273 electoral college votes. This is more than the 270 votes needed to clinch the presidency and close a tempestuous, divisive era in American history. Biden is expected to win close to 308 electoral college votes. He is at the verge of winning the Republican state of Georgia, which has 16 votes. He also leads in Nevada, with 6 votes.

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