See How Desperate Miss BumBum Hopefuls Inject Themselves With Lethal Levels Of Drugs. Photos - 4 years ago

Undercover police footage from Brazil lifts the lid on illegal butt-injection clinics. Cops say women travel from around the world to have injections in their rears. Police say they caught three women with no medical training using bone cement at up to 160 times the recommended dose to enhance customer's behinds.... Shocking footage shows officers catching one woman, identified as Irys Cabral Pierrout, in the act of pumping a chemical called methacrylate into a woman's rear. Methacrylate is otherwise known as bone cement and is typically used to set joints in place or define bone structures during reconstructive surgery. Police say the patient had flown from Portugal especially for the treatment, which costs a minimum of £1,000 ($1,300). Using the chemical for butt enhancements is considered highly risky and has been linked to several deaths, leading to the procedure being completely banned in countries such as America and the UK. The Brazilian Medical Association does allow the procedure, but only using small amounts of up to five millilitres. An undercover female police officer, who set up this sting, said the women working at this clinic offered to inject 400mls into each of her buttocks. But during the three weeks investigators had this clinic under surveillance, they say other women were given injections of up to 800mls in each buttock - more than 160 times the 'safe' amount [B]images[/B]

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