Nigerian Student Goes Viral After Dressing Like A Mad Man To Mark ‘Rag Day’ - 7 months ago


There is more to education than lectures, studying and preparing for examinations, as the Curriculum Vitae of any school also makes provision for extra-curricular activities. Rag day or “Ragging” has become part and passel of Nigerian tertiary institutions, as newly admitted students take to the streets to beg people for money. This students have the intention of dressing in tattered clothes, as an insane person, applying the name of the activity, “Rag Day” to that temporal behaviour.

The money which they raised is for donations to charity organizations, with this activity for students, dating as far back to the 19th century in South Africa. These students put away their pleasure, fancy clothes for charity and it needs to be appreciated and encouraged.

Today, the Federal Polytechnic Oko, Anambra State observed their rag day, much to the amazement of Nigerians who were opportuned of witnessing the dramatic event. One person that caught the attention of many, was this young male student who appeared in dirty and tattered clothes, as many was stunned because he looked like a mad man. Although the name of the young man is currently unknown, it seems he won the best rag day student


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