Police Ask For N200,000 To Bring Back The Missing Boy They Gave To The Wrong Parents. - 7 months ago

Ever so often, we here people at one time or the other crying out about injustice shown by member of the security forces. Most especially, the reports are always against men of the Nigerian police and now we have another one.

The latest is from a women whose son has been missing for over four years and it is a really heartbreaking story. The woman whose name is Joy Maduabuchi Iheanacho sho tells her story to SAHARA REPORTS TV while holding her son’s photograph. In the video, she said that her son went missing four years ago when he was coming back from school and she did everything to find him all to no avail.






She incidentally stumbled on a Facebook post with her son’s picture about a missing child who was found and is in a certain police station. It happens that it was her son so she rushed over to the police station that was named in the post. On getting to the police station, she was told to bring her child’s birth certificate, immunization card and anti-natal card and she produced all of them.

Then the police told her that they had handed over the child to and unknown woman in Imo state. She was asked to pay N200,000 so that the police can trace him. She said she does not have that kind of money and called on all Nigerians to come to her aid. Mrs Joy Maduabuchi Iheanacho wants Nigerians to help so you should share this story on, maybe it’ll reach the helper through.

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