I Want A 17yr Old Husband, Otherwise I Won’t Get Married - 3 months ago



Everyone is always picky and choosy when it comes to who they want to marry or who they want to go out with.

This is usually not a bad thing at all, because as people we know what we want in our lives.

However it turns out to be a big thing when people start wishing for impossible things, some wish to date or marry older people and some wish to be with someone just younger than them.

For this woman we can see that she likes them young instead because she posted on twitter and said she would rather not get married if it will not be a 17 year old that is her husband.

We may never really know or understand whether she meant this or maybe she was just one of those people who tend to share jokes on social media for likes and reactions.

But she shared alongside the tweet a picture of herself, which to me shows that she is most probably serious about this and she really wants a 17 year old husband.

For what reason we may never know until she really tells us why.

Why do you think she wants this?.

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