Lady Whose Noodles Was Stolen While Cooking It In Her Hostel, Receives Two Cartons From Indomie-Nigeria - 6 months ago


Few days ago, a female Nigerian student narrated what happened to her in her hostel while she was cooking food in the passage for the first time since she got to the hostel, as the food got stolen on fire.

She made it known that for the first time in the last two years in her hostel, she decided to cook noodles in their passage because there was heat inside the room and cooking food inside the room will make the heat worst.

However, while she was cooking the noodles in her passage, she took back the pepper and groundnut oil she used in cooking the noodles but before she came back from her room, someone had already stolen her noodles while it was still on fire, as she made it known that President Muhammadu Buhari is not our problem in the country, but we ourselves.

Two days after the incident, it was made known by the tweet she tweeted today that Indomie-Nigeria has already compensated her for the Indomie noodles that was stolen, as they gave her two cartons of Indomie back.


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