May We Not Bear Kids That Will Publicly Insult Us - 7 months ago

Following the whole prince Harry and Megan’s interview about the royal family, there have been a lot of people dishing out their opinions on the issue. The prince and his wife spoke about how they lost some of their rights because they chose to move out of the palace. Prince Harry also spoke about how it has affected his relationship with his family.

Uti Uwachukwu weighed in on the issue. He talked about how no one should ever turn their back on family, because family is one of the most important part of a person’s life. He even went ahead to say he would never condemn someone like Clifford Orji if he was his family member. His post went viral, and Cynthia Morgan, left a comment. She wrote and I quote ” Family is the root of all evil especially when you have step siblings and your mother is a fool.





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