“Ive given birth to 17 children and I need 10 more” – woman says and Nigerians reacts (video) - 7 months ago

in this age, there has always been a lot of talks about having less children because of the economic demands of taking care of a big family. But not everyone thinks the same and the case of 47 year old Nigerian Lady Named Jummai Ibrahim Tsafe who is based in the northern part of Nigeria is a good example.

The Kano based lady spoke to BBC Pidgin in an interview that was posted a few minutes ago. She revealed that she got married when she was just 14 years old and has since had 17 Children. According to her, 7 of those children died and she is left with 5 boys and 5 girls.

She revealed that having kids is natural to her because she has only ever delivered twice in the hospital and the rest has been in her house. She also mentioned that whenever she goes into labour, she delivers within one hour and people find it hard to believe she has gone into labour for 17 good times. This is because of her young age which makes her eldest children look like her siblings. She also revealed that she got married to her husband when he was 28 years old

According to her, she is always sad when she sees anyone who does not have children because children are a blessing. She would like to have 10 more children if it is possible and she is not afraid of the economy and her husband likes children. She says they can take very good care of their children.

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