“I am tired of sleeping on the floor with my daughter” – Woman cries out - 3 months ago

The high rate of hardship in the country is becoming so worrisome that some times one begins to ask, How are people, expecially the orphans, widows, widowers, people without a place to call their home, how on Earth are they coping with such hardship hitting on the good people of Nigeria and equally to other part of African Nations across the globe.

The above mentioned set of individuals are the real people that actually need, financial and emotional support to keep them going as they continue to search for the path that lead to their shine. (Financial breakthrough)

Sadly to note, many people under such conditions finds it difficult to call out for help when the need arises.

A woman identified as Mary has cried out Via her Twitter handle calling out Nigerians and other well wishers to come to her aid as she and her beautiful daughter has been sleeping on the were floor for lack of mattress



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