Man narrates how plans to travel abroad ended his relationship, ends up not travelling - 6 months ago

Twitter user narrates the story of how fate won in his relationship by making himself and his woman go their separate ways.

man fate relationship splitting

As @LoluAndre tweets on how fate has won in his love life, he disclosed that he once had a woman but unfortunately, in 2017, they chose different paths.

For her, she wanted to get married, and for him, he wanted to travel abroad; and to avoid lingering on each other’s time, they choose to break up.

Fortunately, after several years of being apart, he met her again and to his surprise, she’s not married yet, and he, equally, was not able to travel out of the country as planned.

Here’s his tweet:

man fate relationship splitting

However, his followers are wondering if fate will take its course the second time in their lives together.

man fate relationship splitting


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