Reno Omokri quizzes women on level of happiness of those advising on leaving cheating husbands - 6 months ago

Controversial writer, Reno Omokri dishes a piece of marital advice to married women on the verge of divorcing their husbands because other women advised them to.

Reno Omokri women divorcing

He takes to Twitter to opine on wives not leaving their marriages all because of cheating.

In his daily nugget, Reno Omokri condemned other women who ask their friends who are women to leave their cheating husbands. This is because many of them aren’t happy either in their marriages but rather use stunning photos as camouflage to depict happiness.

The controversial writer asked these women who are on the verge of leaving their marriages to take a deep look at other marriages.

Here’s what he tweeted:

“Dear women

If your husband commits adultery, many women will ask you to leave him. Look at them very well. How many of them are really happy? Don’t be deceived by the ‘stunning’ photos they post. They are ˈüber miserable, and their misery wants company”

Check out his tweet:

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Reno Omokri women divorcing


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