“Igbo girls born in Lagos are ashamed to speak igbo in public” Igbo girl complains - 6 months ago

A beautiful lady on twitter has spark reactions after she made a tweet about Igbo girls born and raised in Lagos.

The lady is identified as Anthonia, talked about how igbo girls who were born and raised in Lagos, feels embarrassed to speak Igbo and disassociate themselves from anything relating to Igbo. The Lady also added that, Igbo girls born in Lagos prefer speaking Yoruba boldly anywhere. See her words quoted below.

“Igbo girls born and raised in Lagos be so ashamed to speak Igbo or associate with anything relating to Igbo. But will flex their ability to speak Yoruba anywhere in loud voice. Umu efulefu.”

this has cause a lot of reactions, and arguments as Igbo girls who were raised in Lagos drags the lady to the mud, as they give their different opinion why they don’t speak Igbo fluently.


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