Woman Who Gave Birth To 'Miracle Baby' Triumphs In Bikini Competition Months After Delivery (Photos) - 4 years ago

A young mum has been crowned British bikini champion title just months after giving birth to her 'miracle baby boy'. Cerys Dawes, 25, began a gruelling training programme just six weeks after having her little son Roman. And after being told as a teen she would struggle to conceive, Cerys believes it was her healthy lifestyle that helped her to get pregnancy. Cerys juggled nursing her young baby while training for her big return to the stage as a bikini competitor, the Manchester Evening News reports. The Middleton mum first got the buzz for bikini competitions when she started training in the gym with her body builder partner Dave Finnigan in 2015. Similar to body-building, the ‘bikini’ category merits competitors based on their muscle-tone, curves and overall ‘beach body’ type. Cerys was a natural and found that by sticking to a strict training plan and a diet of six meals a day, she rapidly started to build muscle. She won her first British bikini title in November 2015 after whittling herself down from a size 14-16 to a lean size 6-8. Cerys entered the NAC competition to boost her own confidence, but to her shock she impressed the judges once again, and won her category.

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