Reactions as deaf man was seen on the road driving Keke - a month ago

the internet, we see crazy things on the streets and around us. We see different ways that people are trying to make money,and some just keep getting our attention.

Everyone in Nigeria keeps looking for different ways to survive, everyone keeps looking for something good that would put food on their table. You would go to the streets and see different hustlers, you would see the able bodied people and even those living with disabilities working for money.

Today a Man shared the picture of what he noticed in a Keke Napep he entered, he saw a sticker in the Keke Napep which says “I am Deaf, please touch me to stop and pay me”. This shows that the Keke Rider is a deaf Man, he doesn’t hear sounds he only talks.

Even though the Man has a hearing problem, it didn’t stop him from doing something decent and making good money from it. He didn’t venture into doing something bad, he still went ahead to humble himself to start a Transport business.

For a Deaf Man to drive a car, it seems a bit scary because one needs to be attentive when driving on the road. One can not only depend on the eyes alone, you also need your ears and other part of your body.

Alot of people in the comment section condemned the act, they said he might have an accident and people may lose their lives. Some people said he is good to go, because he has his side mirrors to aid him too at the back and side ways.

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a month ago

OMO this one choke me o

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