Don Jazzy sends message to ladies with natural bodies and regular jobs - a month ago

In a world where a lot of pressure is on women to look perfect, we have seen an increasing number of women go under the knife to have perfect bodies. From liposuction, to face lifts, nose jobs and the like, there is an ever increasing rush for cosmetic surgery

In the midst of all this craze, it becomes expedient to remind women who haven’t attempted cosmetic surgery that they are beautiful the way they are and don’t need to feel anxious by what they see other women doing

Don Jazzy has attempted to do this by posting a quote on social media. In his post, he not only praised natural looking women, but also praised women who work normal jobs

This is also so important because if one looks at the way some women on social media are recording successes and living unrealistically perfect lives, it might lead to depression.

In the quote which Don Jazzy posted, it was written that pretty girls who still have their completely natural bodies and who still work regular jobs should know that they are also winning, and that they should not be fooled by the things they see on social media. See his post below


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