Flavour’s Adopted Son, Another Blind Girl Gives Emotional Performance of Singer’s Song Mama - a month ago

Singer Flavour's adopted son Semah and a beautiful blind girl called Gladys have got internet users gushing with love

 Semah and Gladys were recently spotted donned in matching colours of outfits as they sang in a lovely video

 Internet users had beautiful words for the two teenagers and they showered it generously on them 


Singer Flavour's adopted son and another blind girl


Semah and Gladys were spotted in matching colours of outfits as they sat down to sing. 

Semah started the song and Gladys took over later. The teenagers' rendition of the song by Flavour and Chidinma got many people feeling emotional. Watch them sing below:





 mimzolowo: "May God bless you both.

" debizy_official: "Nice. you guys got me crying I swear.

" iam_bosscookie.r: "This is sooo touching I cried while watching this.

" enny_textile: "God, if I have ever been ungrateful I am sorry.

" the_chrissy_renee: "Their voices are so beautiful.

" sophine_collections: "This is raw talent!

" ammyarrays: "Couldn't hold back my tears." 

kenbuggie: "Just imagine Gladys on studio with her voice."

 omonixy: "Oh lord...can’t believe tears rolled down my cheeks.

 It pierced right into my soul. God bless you both and give you reasons to always be happy." 

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a month ago

God bless the poster ❤️

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a month ago


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a month ago

I'm just speechless 💔

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a month ago

God bless u flavor 😭

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a month ago


This is so sweet.

Can't hold back my tears 😭😭

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