Radio Station Allegedly Demolished By Lafia Govt For Announcing That Civil Servants Want To Go On Strike(Photos) - 4 years ago

As shared by Isaac….. ‘This is the Nigeria of today under APC. A certified Radio station called Breeze Fm in Lafia, Nasarawa state was demolished with the aid of armed mobile policemen as directed by the state government just because the civil servants in the state wanted to go on strike and it was aired at Breeze Fm after being denied to be announced by the state owned Radio Station. Now, can the APC apologists say this act is right under the government they so much crave for? The building has a C of O and the station has a Certificate of Incorporation before its operation as a Radio station in the state. But, since is APC fake and failed government, they used the Urban Development to mark and bring the building down. They intend bringing anyone and anything down just to silence the freedom of speech. APC, there’s nothing bad that is impossible for you to achieve legally or illegally’

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