How Vigilante Averted Another Suicide Attack In UNIMAID’s Girls’ Hostel (Photo) - 4 years ago

Abdullahi Yunusa, a Security Guard on duty at female BOT hostel of the University of Maiduguri, Borno state has landed in a hospital after averting an attack by suspected Boko Haram suicide bombers. The young man who is being treated at the institution’s clinic from injuries sustained in the process revealed how the attack on the female hostel was foiled… Speaking to Yerwa Express, Yunusa, said ‘at about 11 pm in the night, we heard a heavy explosion not too long from our place, that is the one at ZEMA’, adding that they were immediately alerted by the unusually loud sound. ‘Less than 20 minutes later, while trying to find out where the explosion occurred, we also noticed an unusual movement around where we were stationed’. ‘Being on alert already, we paid attention to the movement. Suddenly, a man wearing a dark blue shirt and strangely barefooted emerged from behind the hostel. ‘We were all startled, we lit torch at his direction to be sure that he was alone and ascertain the real situation. ‘The vigilante on duty working with us shouted at him, asking him to stop and identify himself’, Yunusa adds. The security further added that the suicide bomber could not respond sensibly, ‘he kept responding: ‘Afuno ba”, in Kanuri, meaning ‘I don’t understand Hausa’, as he kept approaching them. ‘The vigilante and hunter instantly fired at his direction when he sensed danger. The bomber who understood he was already trapped took to his heels and climbed the hostel’s fence, as the vigilante tried to ‘gun’ him down’. ‘We ran after him through the main entrance but we could not see him’. ‘A student who saw him when he crossed the fence into the hostel while she was washing told us that he drank water from the bucket she was using and breezed away’. ‘As we were convinced he was up to no good and possibly a suicide bomber, we went on a rigorous search and traced his footsteps when we discovered that he was hiding on top of a tree already inside the hostel’. On sighting him, Mr. Yunusa said that the vigilante tried to shoot him with his local hunter’s gun. ‘The bomber was daring us, saying that anyone who wants to die should come forward until the local gun hit him’. When he fell down from the tree, he was attempting to go into their midst to detonate the device strapped to his body to cause greater casualty. However, according to the security, the vigilante was able to shoot him at his back, causing the device to explode with him (the suicide bomber) only and injuring the five of them who are already receiving treatment at the university’s clinic. Though according to the sources he came from behind the hostel, nobody was sure where he targeted. Less than 30 minutes before the hostel attack, two suicide bombers believed to be on the same mission, had also detonated explosive devices strapped to their bodies in the university at a separate location a little far removed from the campus and staff quarters The circumstance in which the first explosions went off is not clear but no casualty was reported.

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