‘North Is Ready For Break Up Out Of Nigeria’- Anglo Abdullahi - 4 years ago

Spokesman of the Northern Elders Forum, NEF, Prof. Ango Abdullahi has stated that the north is ready to go their way if Nigeria decides to break up. He was reacting to accusation by the South East leaders that the Northern Elders were sabotaging efforts to restructure the country. Abdullahi said the North is not aware of any sabotage, adding that there is nothing wrong in Igbo people asking to have a country of theirs. He further stated that if Nigerians are tired of staying as an entity, they should be ready to go their separate ways. Abdullahi told The Sun, “You see the issue of restructuring is one of the fundamental issues that shape Nigerian history from 1914 up to 1960. “In fact, we are not aware of any sabotage, may be the South East leaders were working on assumption. “But if restructuring will save Nigeria, I think it is a matter that affects every Nigerian including those in the North and we are ready to engage in it to correct the anomalies in Nigeria starting from 1914. On the agitation by some Igbo groups for the creation of Biafra Republic, he added, “You see, the issue of Biafra is all part of the discussion of restructuring Nigeria. “Yes, if Biafra means negotiations, yes, it’s all a matter of discussion, if it means Igbo want to have a country of their own separate from Nigeria, it means a matter of discussion and we are prepared for the discussion.

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