NCAA Orders‎ Ethiopia Airlines to Stop Unauthorised Charges on Nigerian Passengers - 4 years ago

The Centre for Social Justice, Equity and Transparency (CESJET) has alleged that the Transparency International (TI) report released last week is another plan by the international community to starve the Nigerian military of weapons to fight the Book Haram terrorist. TI had last week‎ released a report that the Nigerian defence and security sector was steeped in corruption, revealing that over N4.6 trillion ($15 billion) allocated to the sector in five years was either embezzled or unaccounted for. The organisation also revealed that the graft in the sector had undermined the war against insurgency in the North-east‎. Apparently unsatisfied with the report, the Executive Secretary of CESJET, Ikpa Isaac, while addressing journalists Sunday in Abuja condemned in the strongest terms the report, saying it lacked any sense of credibility‎. He said TI once recognised as a global powerhouse in the global war against corruption has now descended so low by allowing low heads and those with ‘political interests’ to doctor its reports.

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