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Kanye West Ft Migos & Young Thug - Hold Tight
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Jun 06


Download Kanye West Ft Migos & Young Thug - Hold Tight mp3 by Kanye West Ft Migos & Young Thug

It’s not yet confirmed whether these are from recent recording sessions Kanye has been doing for his upcoming new album, part of which he’s been creating at a mountaintop resort in Wyoming but he certainly won’t be happy about it.. Last week, more than two dozen songs by Chris Brown leaked online from unknown sources which included collaborations with Lil Wayne, Wizkid, Sean Kingston, 2 Chainz, Tyga, R. Kelly, French Montana, G-Eazy and more.Both tracks are unimpressive but they do kind of sound unfinished to be fair.

Today, two never heard before Kanye West songs have taken the leak route — ‘Euro (Switch Hands)’ features ASAP Rocky while the other one ‘Hold Tight’ has guest appearance from all members of Migos along with Young Thug. A mysterious website called has claimed responsibility for the leaks. The songs even have a tag of the site but it’s unclear what the actual source.

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