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Blackmagic - No Need
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Feb 07


Download Blackmagic - No Need mp3 by Blackmagic

Off his forth coming album “Magic Republic (Version 3.0)” B.O.B Entertainment is pleased to announce the release of “No Need,” the debut single from Blackmagic.

“No Need”, produced by Xela,

The single “No Need” with its soulful lyrics, tempo, and dynamic chorus, “Not Every Love Story Is a Romance” emanates a clean and classic hit.

The latest from B.O.B entertainment artist Blackmagic depicts a specific kind of romantic encounter in a bright, meandering tune.

As the title suggests, each lyric offers a different take on love. But Blackmagic’s track isn’t a gushing ode to romance or a lamentation on lost love; instead, “No Need” deals with tricky, blurry feelings that fall somewhere in between.

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