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DaGrin - Ghetto Dreams Ft. Sossick
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Apr 14


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Today marks exactly 8 years Nigerian Hip-Hop Artiste Da Grin died, and it is always a Sad day for lovers of Yoruba Hip-Hop and Nigerian Hip-Hop in general.Da Grin was special.He wasnt the first Yoruba Rapper, but he was the first to figure out how to make Chart Topping Hip-Hop songs in Yoruba Language. Songs like Kondo ( where he sang ) set the template for Artistes like Olamide and Reminisce who croon on their singles nowadays.I Opened My 4shared account and saw these two singles, Ghetto Dreams which features Sossick and Sisi Eko which was produced by Laylow, which was supposed to be Kondo Part 2.They sound like they were released yesterday, Rest in Peace Da Grin, we would never forget you.

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