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Johnny Drille - Mr John Ft. Sister Wisdom
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Here is a highly recommended tune by “Sister Wisdom” and “Johnny Drille” titled “Mr. John” to bring upon you, an Elysian chill.

The attractions (and of course distractions) resident in this physical world is, as allowed per individual, a strong determinant of the quality of life that ‘self’ has access to function in. Take love for instance, a heavy influence for building and breaking worlds. This singular, one syllabled, four letter word, self existing from the beginning of time, traveled through eras, handed down to generations, and is still very present today, influencing actions or inactions as your case permits.

In #SongLikeAMovie #Episode1, the dynamic duo of Sister Wisdom alongside Johnny Drille present a creative conversation between Agape and Mr John, where ‘lady’, represents a distraction from true love (Agape) and an attraction to fleeting moments (physical world), and ‘Mr. John’, representing one desirous of Love but searching in the wrong place.

Eventually, we all come to a crossroad in life where the influence of our circumstances position us to take a decision, but then I ask; Can Love find you? Are you in love…with True Love?

“Agape influences me to give back, to endure and be strong, because Love found me, Love, loves me and I love Him in return” – Sister Wisdom.

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