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Frank Donga - This Table You Are Shaking
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Jul 06


Download Frank Donga - This Table You Are Shaking mp3 by Frank Donga

Comic actor, Frank Donga has unexpectedly dropped a smashing, hilarious and thought-provoking musical track and he titled it “This Table”. His plan was to shake some tables and indeed, we could feel the table-shaking syndrome.

“This Table You’re Shaking” is a popular expression on the social media as far as Nigerians are concerned. In a simple meaning, what does it means to shake a table? “This Table You’re Shaking” means the issue the person is talking about would victimize or implicate the next person. In other words, it’s a sublime attack on the next person.

Listen to how Frank Donga created a funny music out of this social buzz.

Quotable Lyrics:

This table you are shaking (3xce)
There are people on top oo
This table you are shaking (3xce)
People go fall and wound oo

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